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Mystical Autumn

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As summer bids us farewell, the nights begin to lengthen and the air turns crisp. Whether you’re celebrating harvest with friends or simply looking forward to curling up with a spooky book by the fire, immerse yourself in the scents of the season.  
The glowing warmth of deep incense and earthy spices will keep you warm on a dark October night, or allow soft moss, white pine, and bergamot notes to carry you through the misty autumn forest. 

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What people think of this collection


I just received my Mystical Autumn mini-candle set and I am blown away. All 6 scents are amazing! I figured that there might be a couple of scents that I didn’t like but I honestly can say that there isn’t one scent that I don’t love. Can’t wait till these come out in full size. I have to buy all 6 of them. LOVE THEM ❤️

Susanne S.

My very first Mythologie order did not disappoint! It was a real experience, from carefully opening the beautiful collection box (I already know what I’ll use it for later!) to reading the enchanting and evocative scent descriptions out loud while my children and I sniffed each candle and immersed ourselves in the experience. Thank you!

Jen H.

The amount of care and detail that goes into these items is top tier. This was my first experience with this company and it certainly did not disappoint!

Bayley B.

Just the packaging alone is amazing!!! And then you open the beautiful box and again you are in total awe! I am
Not tossing that box!!! Then you gently lift each candle to open the top and take a deep smell in of each one! And every single one is different and intoxicating!!! This is the only candle company I will buy from cause nothing else compares!!!!

Ronak S.

Receiving this box is an experience in itself! I loved the Mystic Autumn visual theme, and am so glad I have it in this sturdy, re-usable box to enjoy (I would have gotten a wall hanging if I could!). The card disclosing the stories of each candle is wonderful, and I read the appropriate description before trying each candle, one a day to prolong the fun!
My favourites are Blood Moon Sky and The Dark Hedges.
Having great variety, there is something for everyone in the sample pack, which is how it should be. Great experience!

Quinn F.