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Join the Mythologie Candle Guild Society

Join the exclusive Guild community that gets you access to incredible candle perks!

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The Guild is a monthly membership granting you access to the exclusive community. As a result, you also get access to many perks!

The Guildmaster, Flint Firestone

Just a Few Rewards for Joining the Guild Community

  • Special Shipping Rates icon

    Special Shipping Rates

    Access to special rates for members, plus consolidate your orders into one cost-saving shipment!

  • Early Access icon

    Early Access

    Get early access to new product releases before everyone else. Never run the risk of something being sold out!

  • Guild-Only Candle Vault icon

    Guild-Only Candle Vault

    Get access to past seasonal collections, limited edition candles, and Guild-only candles!

  • Store Credits for Referring New Guild Members icon

    Store Credits for Referring New Guild Members

    Invite a friend to become a member and receive $5 when they sign up!

Become a Guild Initiate!

Here are just some of the perks when you become a member of the Guild Society today...


  • Access to the Candle Vault
  • Guild-Only Candle Drops
  • Special Shipping Rates
  • A Secret Society (Facebook Group)
  • Guild-Only Quarterly Online Events
  • Referral Program
  • Guild-Only Content and more!
  • 10% off candle subscriptions (separate from Guild membership)

What question do you have, dear Initiate?

Here’s everything you need to know about being a member

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