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Atlas Bundle

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Adventure through Middle-Earth! Journey across the magical realms with this thrilling new candle collection from Mythologie Candles. Let these unique, handcrafted fragrances sweep you away to Elven Forests, rolling green fields, and quiet Halfling farms. All-natural, vegan, soy-free candles made with luxurious coconut wax, hand-poured in Washington state!

Realm of the Riders 
Horses gallop over green valleys and hills covered in golden waves of grass. A horseman pauses at the crest. A horn sounds. The riders are coming. Notes of sun-drenched grasses and churned earth surrounding the wooden halls of kings.

Smoke rises from deep pits, twisting into the leaden skies like reaching fingers. The harsh red glow of distant fires flickers on the horizon. Darkness falls on an angry land. Notes of writhing smoke and burning trees, blackened with charcoal and despair.

The Golden Glade 
The songs of an ancient people swell upon the breeze and sparkle like the sun upon gilded leaves. Come here and rest within the golden wood. Notes of sun-kissed leaves and spices floating on a breeze of crisp fruit and wise council.

Valley of the Elves 
Waters cascade over high cliffs covered in growing things. Beneath them, cool in the spray, stands an ancient home, its spacious halls open to the sweet air. Notes of silver wood archways leading to stately halls redolent of cashmere and dreamy vanilla orchid.

Whispering Woods 
Trees whisper as travelers trudge along the path, deep in shadows. A dark stream burbles, its waters churning with magic and secrets. Don't leave the path! Notes of a journey through an old forest of giant redwoods with a hint of sandalwood and a wisp of bright citrus.

The White City 
Upon a field of midnight blue, stars circle a fair white tree. The flag flutters above the high seat as kings of old stand guard over their cherished city. Notes of fresh air over high stone walls and spiced white birch.

Drums in the Deep 
A bridge spans a chasm. Fires flicker in the depths below as the cries of foes echo from stone walls. Smoke and shadow, fire and rage, doom approaches. Notes of high caverns lit by torchlight and smoking forges, peppery bergamot and warm patchouli.

The Shire 
Green hills studded with brightly painted, round doorways and trimmed with flourishing gardens flank a winding path. A gentle river flows as happy folk work and play along its banks. Notes of basil and blackberry, the buzz of happy bees and honeyed ginger.

Mountains Cold 
A steep path threads between mountain cliffs. Thunder crashes in the heights as giants play among the clouds. Notes of crisp mountain air and high trails, shadowed by oak trees and leather boots upon hard stone.

As these candles crackle and flicker, you'll be transported to an exciting world of mighty warriors, elven queens, and mysterious dark lords. Premium handcrafted fragrances designed to carry you away to fantasy bliss.


Thank you for supporting a small family-operated business! We can't wait to delight you and transform your home into a fantasy realm!

Signature Deluxe (8oz):

- 8oz eco-friendly coconut blend wax
- Amber glass smooth edged vessel
- Laser-etched wooden lid
- All-natural crackling wooden wick
- Enjoy 50+ hours of burn time!
- Dimensions: 3.2" x 3.8"


- 8oz eco-friendly coconut blend wax
- Amber glass jar + black metal twist-on lid
- Lead-free cotton wick
- Enjoy 50+ hours of burn time!
- Dimensions: 3"x 2.8"

Signature Deluxe (16oz):

- 16oz eco-friendly coconut blend wax
- Amber glass smooth edged vessel
- Black Tin Lid
- All-natural crackling wooden wick
- Enjoy 75+ hours of burn time!
- Dimensions: 4" x 3.8"

Alchemy Kit:

- 9oz of pre-scented coconut-blend wax
- Lead-free cotton wick & wick sticker
- Warning label for the bottom of your vessel
- A wick holder 
- A replacement label for your vessel (or any vessel of your choosing)
Note: Alchemy kits do not include a vessel but you may purchase our Regular vessels during checkout.

Sample Size:

- 2oz eco-friendly coconut blend wax
- Black Tin + tin pop-off lid
- Lead-free cotton wick
- Enjoy 10-12+ hours of burn time!

Thank you for supporting small business! ❤️


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