Gothic Cathedral Reed Diffuser
Gothic Cathedral Reed Diffuser
Gothic Cathedral Reed Diffuser

Gothic Cathedral Reed Diffuser

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Experience year-round fragrance bliss with these flame free, hassle-free fragrance diffusers. Our reed diffuser comes in a gorgeous amber glass bottle that will blend seamlessly with any decor.
Each bottle contains 8oz of premium fragrance oil, available in our most popular Mythologie fragrances.

Everyone who steps into your home will want to know, "What is that AMAZING aroma?"

Gothic Cathedral

Mood: The twisted faces of gargoyles greet you as you approach the ornate cathedral. Sharp archways filled with stained glass reflect intricate patterns on the stone floor as you step back in time.

Smells Like: Patchouli, incense smoke billowing from an ornate thurible, fire-blazed sugar, and earthy vetiver. 


📦 This is a pre-order expected to ship in 2-3 weeks 📦

Thank you for supporting a small family-operated business! We can't wait to delight you and transform your home into a fantasy realm!

- 8oz phthalate-free essential oil fragrance blend
- Amber glass bottle
- Black cap for storage
- Jar Dimensions: 5.5" x 2.375"
- Rattan Reed Dimensions: 12" x 3mm
- Lasts approximately 4-6 months!

High-Quality, Pure Ingredients, Responsibly Made

Fragrances: Unique custom-developed fragrances, not found elsewhere, and always phthalate-free. Made with premium blended non-toxic fragrance oils & essential oils. These ingredients are clean and free of vanillin.

Vessels: Each diffuser comes in a glass Amber jar and includes a bundle of rattan reeds to absorb the fragrance and slowly release the pleasant scent.

1) Shake the bottle lightly. This ensures your fragrance oils are blended together.

2.) Remove cap and place reeds in bottle. Place in a safe area that is low-traffic to prevent spills from bumps. The reeds with naturally diffuse the fragrance without the use of flames or a power source!

3) Enjoy your fragrance! Mythologie Reed Diffusers are meant to transport you to another time, world, or dimension! Science proves that scent can alter the mood for the better: enjoy the fully immersive experiences Mythologie Reed Diffusers provide whenever you need a pick-me-up, inspiration, or an immersion into your favorite book, movie, or game!

4) Refresh your fragrance by flipping the reeds! This can be done once a week to keep the scent flowing.

Some Tips:

  • We recommend smaller spaces like an office or bathroom.
  • If you want a more subtle scent throw, just use less reeds at a time.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight or other heat sources to avoid drying out the reeds.
  • This should be obvious but please Do Not consume and keep away from children or pets.
  • In the case of a spillI, clean up immediately, as the oils can cause damage to some finishes/furniture.

Thank you for supporting small business! ❤️


Every Reed Diffuser is made to order just for you! We may not be as fast as Amazon, but we promise it will be worth the wait! We will update you via email, so be sure you check your email for our messages! 

What Makes
Our Reed Diffusers Unique?

Every single one of our reed diffusers is hand-poured in small batches and packaged with love for the ultimate immersive experience! Clean, phthalate-free essential oil & fragrance blends provide the perfect ambiance to transport you to fantastic worlds. Combine that with one of a kind fragrances inspired by fantasy, history, and TTRPGs, and you’ll be able to journey to magical lands and exotic locations without leaving the comfort of your home or office-- all without a flame!