SITS Sample Pack - Free Gift
SITS Sample Pack - Free Gift
SITS Sample Pack - Free Gift
SITS Sample Pack - Free Gift
SITS Sample Pack - Free Gift

SITS Sample Pack - Free Gift

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In the heart of the shire, long sunny days are filled with folk working in their quaint gardens, sharing sweet cakes over afternoon tea and party celebrations running deep into the night. The soft blossoms falling from cherry trees and the gentle hum of honey bees is interrupted only by nosy neighbors peering out from round doors and the intrusion of unexpected guests.

While our wizard works on smell-o-vision, try all 6 in a 2oz sample pack! ⚔️We sell out fast, so grab yours now while stocks last!

🪴Halfling Hillcountry

Spring greets the village gently and brings life and renewal to the landscape. The first warmth of the year kisses the soil and brings a smile to the face of the villagers.

Deep green grass, blossoming trees, and seedlings sprouting in vegetable patches wave in the new season with joy.

Mood: The warmth of Spring lights up the rolling hills of the halfling village, everything is right and happy in this corner of the world. 

Smells Like... Springtime in the meadow and fresh green grass.


🧙🏻‍♂️A Very Old Friend


A tall figure looks out of place in the bustling village where only little folk dwell. Garnering some looks of disapproval at his unwelcome intrusion, he hums merrily as he approaches a little round door.

Pushing open the wooden gate as he makes his way past flower pots and beds bursting with fragrant herbs, he raps lightly on the door and leans down to greet a very old friend.

Mood: The warmth of an old smile peeking out from underneath a pointy hat. Stern wisdom, wit, and a hearty laugh that echoes through the ages.

Smells Like... Dusty robes, spilled ink, and earthy amber.


🍅 Gaffer’s Garden

The garden is alive with the sounds of Spring, and tiny green shoots are pushing up from the soil as aged hands transplant fragile seedlings into the ground.

He sets down his trowel and brushes the crumbly dark earth off his hands as he reaches for a well-deserved beer to reward his hard work.

Mood: Just outside the round, green door lies a lush kitchen garden bursting with new growth, full of Gaffer's seasonal favorites. 

Smells Like... Green tomato vines, wild herbs, rich soil, and hard work. 


🧑‍🌾Droppin’ Eaves

A friendly gardener with keen intuition is thrown through a round window onto a wooden table and attacked with sudden questions.

Cheeks flushed pink with panic, he stutters and stammers his excuses, causing his attacker’s face to turn from a frown into a calm smile.

Mood: A not-so-innocent bystander gardening in the darkness. Intense whispers of dark lords and mysterious rings, and a sudden commission to save the world.

Smells Like... Magnolia, orange blossom, lavender, honeycomb, and tonka bean. 


🍓A Dance With Rosie

A woman with soft golden ringlets and a yellow dress laughs and twirls to the sound of upbeat folk music played beneath the twinkling lantern lights.

She catches your eye as you watch her, breaking out into a beaming smile and coming towards you. Extending her hand, you take hold of it and hope the ale you’ve drunk will quieten the butterflies in your stomach.

Mood: With a glowing smile and ribbons in her hair, Rosie beckons for one more dance under the pavilion as the sun sets behind lush hills and berry bushes.

Smells Like... Strawberries and raspberries dipped in fresh cream with a hint of rosemary. 


🌋 Ring on the Mantle

Lost to the ages for many a year, a powerful object of great evil works its way into the hands of he who would eventually lose it deep in the mountains.

Now it rests in the most unlikely place, placed into a small paper envelope atop a fireplace in a cozy, quaint home where it bides its time until it can return to its one true master.

Mood: A mysterious old relic has been kept hidden for many a year. Now it lies beckoning on the mantle above the fireplace, I feel a strange draw to it lately... 

Smells Like: Cedarwood, patchouli, vanilla-sweetened amber, and dark secrets.

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