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Candle and Drink Pairings!

What's your chill-out beverage of choice?
Do you like to get cozy with tea and a book?
Sit in the sun, listening to the ocean with a margarita?
Enjoy a gaming session with an energy drink?
Or maybe you can't do without your morning coffee and a quiet moment to get in the right headspace before a big day?
What does your choice say about YOU and is there a candle to match that mood? Let's find out!

Strong, Earl Grey Tea:

Either you are a big fan of Captain Picard or you like something with a bite but also complexity, a little bit of a pick me up, enough to make you alert, but not enough to wind you up.
If this is the case, you may enjoy The Dwarf, a fresh, spicy fragrance that has that same taste of bergamot that makes Earl Grey tea so enticing. We think Jean Luc would approve.
tea bags hanging

Deep, Red Wine.

You're sophisticated but also like to unwind. You like the depth of life as well as its heights and breadths and there might be a little poetry within you--or perhaps even a novel.
If so, you'll love the sweet sophistication of Royal Dwarves with its crushed cherries and deep wine tones. Fruity but not cloying.

Hot Chocolate.

Your heart is young, your disposition friendly. You aren't afraid to indulge yourself just a little bit and you crave cozy afternoons watching the snow fall.

Grab yourself The Halflings candle. This homey, welcoming fragrance has cocoa and oatmeal stout and it really feels like a winter day with a crackling fire and good company.

hot chocolate

Green Tea.

You're contemplative and like to keep your mind clear. You love nature and fresh air.

We think your candle is The Elf, fresh herbs with gentle, foresty notes. It's like a nature walk in the flame of a candle.

Black Coffee.

You like things sharp and bold and you mean business, both in your leisure activities and your work life. You're getting stuff done.
You need a candle that takes no prisoners, so we're suggesting Cave Troll. Deep, earthy, savory, and surprising.
coffee beans spilling out of a mug to form a heart

Energy Drink.

Even your relaxing time is intense and driven, but you still like life to be a little fun. You probably mid-maxed your D&D PC, didn't you?
A candle that matches your intensity is Sword & Thistle. Not only does it have an epic name, but its fresh scents of grassy pastures, distant smoke, and rain are bracing and inspiring!


Life is a party and you're here for it! You want to live, laugh, love, and your aesthetic is fun and bright. Turn up the music and let's head to the beach.
While you're getting in the party mood, claim your place at the Party Tree with our Shire candle. A twist of youthful blackberry and fresh basil keeps this candle cheery.


You like strong, sturdy things that last. Good craftsmanship, carefully plotted novels, and quiet rooms that allow you time to think. You may also have a rugged side that doesn't mind getting your hands dirty.
For you, we're offering The Ranger. This candle has notes of leather and bourbon, intense but soothing.
whiskey in a cocktail glass

So what do you think?

Were our drink-based personality assessments spot on or off the mark? Did we cover your favorite beverage? Or do you have a better pairing than the ones we've suggested? We'd love to know. If you'd like to give us your take or discuss the options with other Mythologie Heroes, stop by our Facebook group!

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