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High Cottage Candles

We Sold Out!!
WOW, thank you for your support!! 🥰🥰🥰
Our first batch sold out to our Earlybirds and Guild Members!! We cannot wait to bring you back to a tranquil world of gardens, tea, and solitude.

A pre-order for the restock will be coming soon...
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Bring the Cottage Home

The sun rises and cradles the earth with life and joy. Bumblebees welcome in the golden glow of the sun by busying themselves with gathering pollen from flowers of lilac and sunshine-yellow that have burst forth from once-sleeping bulbs in the cottage garden. Tiny birds fly hurriedly with twigs in their beaks, preparing a nest for their eggs. Gardening gloves are dusted off along with seeds harvested from last year's crop, and work can begin in the garden once more (with many tea breaks, of course!)

Mythologie Candles returns to the cottage with this expanded collection hand-crafted to enhance the Cottagecore Aesthetic.

Exclusive Art Box

Every purchase of 3 Deluxe Cottagecore Candles