Candle and Video Game Pairings

Candle and Video Game Pairings

Here at Mythologie we recently released our Skyrim-inspired potions collection, and it got us thinking:

What other candles or candle collections can we pair with video games? 

Let's find out.

Potions Collection & Potions Craft: Alchemist Simulator

Yes, we did just say this collection was inspired by Skyrim, but if you're in the mood for a lowkey, relaxing experience, this resource management game is a great way to chill out. Grow plants, harvest them, and mix them to discover new elixirs. I don't think we need to tell you why this is a great fit. (As a backup, this game also really goes well with The Alchemist)

Ancient Yule Festival Spirit of the North

Love Norse legends and beautiful frozen expanses? This game allows you to play as a fox on a mission. Explore the ancient ruins of a lost culture, solve puzzles, and take in the scenery as you let your spirit fox guide lead the way. While we suggest the sweet, peppery sandalwood of Northern Lights particularly here, this whole collection works well with this game.

The Atlas Collection & Lord of the Rings Online

Probably the most obvious choice on this list, as you explore the expanses of Middle-earth in this MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game), choose a candle that represents your current zone. While the Atlas collection does not cover EVERY Middle-earth location (maybe someday we'll expand it), it's a wide enough selection that we think you'll always be able to find the right fragrance for your questing experience. 

Dragonborn World of Warcraft

Another "Skyrim" scent we think can be multipurpose: Dragonborn is a great match for this widely popular MMORPG. Light it when raiding, questing, or grinding. It goes even better with their new Dragonflight expansion where you can play as a Dracthyr and master the art of Dragonriding. Plus you'll get to enjoy the spicy aroma of dragonsblood incense as you play. Total win win.

Dwarven Forge & Minecraft

Dig and craft your way to success with this unbeatable combo. While you explore your cube-dominated world, punch trees, and keep an ear out for creepers, enjoy the immersive fragrances of smoke, leather, and sandalwood of Dwarven Forge

The Shire Stardew Valley

Are you obsessed with your cozy cute farm and virtual chickens? You need the pastoral infusion of The Shire with its notes of basil, blackberry, and honeyed ginger. Stardew Valley has something for everyone, be it fighting monsters in the mines or befriending quaint villagers. Imagine being able to actually smell the berries as you gather them in the woodlands around Pelican Town.

Sea of Thieves Isle of the Star

This high seas adventure would also go great with our Black Flag collection, but that's seasonal while you can grab Isle of the Star year round. Bring your pirate escapades to life with the aromas of ship timbers and salty ocean air. 

So what do you think of our pairings? Is there a game you'd like to have matched with a candle? Or do you have your own favorite candles to burn while you unlock achievements?

We can't wait to hear about it. Consider stopping by our Facebook group with the tale. If we get enough suggestions or requests, we'll do a follow up!



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