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Guildlings Favorite Candles of 2022

Top Candles of 2022, According to Guildlings!

The existence of the exclusive Candle Vault means that Guild purchases are often very different from the choices made by buyers on our public site. Guildlings are our most savvy candle fans, the ones who know the secrets of scent and how to coax the most out of every burning. So we at Mythologie wanted to know: what candles did Guildlings snatch up this year?

Here are their top 5.

5. Beneath the Loch

Beneath the Loch

In fifth place, we have cornered the elusive cryptid that dwells in the dark depths of Loch Ness. This peppery fragrance was a bonus candle for our Braveheart launch, but apparently it was your favorite of that whole collection. Get this candle.

4. Fairy Gothmother

fairy gothmother

This classic fragrance has been a long-time favorite, and as part of the Candle Vault is available ONLY to Guild members. You certainly took advantage of this access. Fairy Gothmother comes in at a respectable number four on this list. Get this candle.

3. Dark Forest Cabin

dark forest cabin

Another secret bonus candle, Dark Forest Cabin was part of our Dark Academia line. While this seasonal collection is not currently available, looking at this strong showing for this mysterious spicy, forest scent, we may have to bring it back sooner rather than later.

2. Treewives


The first Guild Exclusive candle to show up on this list, Treewives was crafted with the Guildlings in mind. Trees boughs and citrus make a tantalizing fragrance that reminds us of the tranquil gardens of the Ents' brides. A perfect accompaniment to Bearded Tree—maybe we should expand this family? Get this candle.

And the most purchased candle for Guildlings in 2022 was

🥁 Drumroll 🥁

1. Midnight Carnival!

midnight carnival

We introduced this Guild Exclusive candle as part of our Shadows line for this Halloween, and it is STILL available. Apple orchards, coffee, and pumpkin vines make this fragrance one of our favorites, and you obviously loved it too. Get this candle.

So what do you think? Did YOUR favorite candle make it to the top five? If you had to craft your own top five, what would it include?


  • Debbie

    I loved 4 of the five… didn’t try Midnight Carnival, wasn’t sure I’d like that one. The rest are definitely favorites 😍

  • Julie Lunsford

    Three of my most favorite made the top 5! Treewives, and Fairy Gothmother! Love love love them all!!!

  • Michelle

    Thrilled to see Dark Forest Cabin on this list — my new favorite!

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