Movie night woman eating popcorn

The Perfect Movie Night

The gray sky mirrors your mood, and you long to get away. 

It's been another long week, everyone wanting something from you, so little giving back. You're exhausted. It all takes away from what you really want to do, just chillax with your loved ones. What you wouldn't do for a few hours with all your family together, a good movie to lose yourself in, maybe some popcorn? 

You put the car in park and gather the receipts out of the center console. Need to figure out dinner too. Will you lose your adult card if you just order pizza? Sighing to yourself, you leave the car and trudge to your door. 

A box sits on your front step. What did you order again? You've been so frazzled lately you don't remember which way you're going most days. How can you keep track of your online shopping? 

You drag the box into your kitchen and slice through the tape with your keys. That's when it hits you—

Exotic spices, ancient woodlands—you imagine soaring over a high green country, free at last. You draw out the first package, covered in strange symbols and archaic illustrations. While eager to tear into the packaging and reveal your treasure, you stop to examine these images, wishing you knew all their secrets. 

You open it, and the fragrance grows in strength, wafting around you and lifting you off your feet. This is what you've been waiting for even if you didn't know it. Inside is the purest white wax you've ever seen just waiting to be melted and poured into a vessel.

You hear the front door open. Your family is home. A smile spreads across your face. You call them in and together you warm the wax. You choose the perfect vessel for your new candle treasure and place the label exactly as you want it. With the wick carefully affixed to the bottom of the jar, you gently pour the now liquid wax into the vessel.

Your loved ones' eyes widen as the fragrance rises around you. 
"It smells like Middle-earth," one whispers. 

Your smile widens. "We should watch the movies again! Oh and have Second Breakfast for dinner! We can burn the candle while we watch. It will be like a walk through the Shire!" 

Before you know it, you're sitting before your television with a plate of crispy bacon, eggs, and pancakes as the movie starts. The candle flickers nearby turning your cozy living room into an epic landscape of mountains and forests, of grand heroes and great deeds. As the music of the soundtrack swells around you and your family, you forget the cares of the week and instead become lost in another world.

As the credits roll, you hear a whisper, "We should do this more often." 

You smile, knowing that you've got it covered. With your monthly Alchemy Kit, you'll never lack magic again. 

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