Who were the Inklings?

Who were the Inklings?

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In the bustling pub, scholars gather, minds meet, friendships are formed, and worlds are created.

What was the purpose of the Inklings?

At their most basic, the Inklings were a literary society. A group of men who met at the Eagle and Child in Oxford to discuss their literary endeavors, swap critiques, and engage in discussion... 

As simple as that sounds, this meeting of minds proved a fertile ground from which sprang some of the most beloved works of 20th century fantasy.

The sky is gray and dreary, drizzling rain, but inside the cozy pub the fire crackles, warming the room. Tankards, tumblers, and teacups are filled as merry conversation and lively debate form a humming ambiance.

The sign of the Eagle and Child

Who were the Inklings?

The best known members of this society are J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, but it also included writers such as Owen Barfield and Charles Williams. Some of their greatest works were debuted at these meetings including Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, Lewis's Space Trilogy, and William's All Hallows Eve

Dark wood panels cover the walls, gleaming and polished. Floorboards creak underfoot. Someone lights a pipe and the fragrance of warm tobacco wafts throughout the common areas. Plates of food and just-opened bottles are brought to bustling tables.

Eagle and the Child pub

The Legacy of the Inklings.

You can still visit the Eagle and Child (sometimes fondly called The Bird and the Baby), and many lovers of fantasy make the pilgrimages there to this day.

In the corner a group of scholars settles into chairs, their posture relaxed but eyes alert. They have waited all week for this gathering. One of their number clears his throat and stands, a stack of papers in his hand, covered in a mix of carefully scribed calligraphic letters and near incomprehensible scrawl.
All fall silent. The professor is about to read his works.

The Inklings ... as a candle.

We designed the Inklings candle as a celebration of friendship, imagination, and tradition. The fragrances of leather and ink will transport you into a cozy tavern on a rainy day, listening to the Professor read the latest draft of his masterwork while the fire crackles warmly.
The Inklings is a Guild exclusive offering. Experience the scent!


The inklings in front of a typewriter

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