How to Become a Guild Initiate

How to Become a Guild Initiate

Welcome to the Mythologie Candle Guild!

We are pleased you are interested in becoming an initiate. You might be wondering how exactly it works and what is different from our main website over at 

Here's how it works:

The Mythologie Guild site is an exclusive member-only shopping experience, hosted on a separate website. This is so we can offer site-wide discounted subscriptions, private content, and other exclusives and perks. 

To become a Guild Initiate, you will first become a member, which is renewed monthly. 

You will create a new account as prompted, and sign in. 

Once logged in, you can shop as a Guild member and get access to the Candle Vault (past seasonal & limited edition candles) as well as Guild-only fragrances, special shipping rates, and more!

Inside your customer account, you can manage your Guild membership as well as any subscription products or shop 'till your heart's content!

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