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An important message from the Guildmaster!


I have summoned you here because I, Flint Firestone, am seeking courageous individuals to aid in my mission of spreading the light of candle magic around the world.

In recent years, a shadow has been growing, a darkness that threatens to consume all that is good and lovely in the world. Only the hallowed light of magical candles can hold back this ancient evil. To do this candles must be spread across the globe!

Our universe is forever at war, a battle between light and dark, glow and gloom. As the Guildmaster of the Candle Guild it is my duty to continue this good fight, spreading the warmth and wonder of candles throughout the world to chase away the dark.

These specially designed candles have the power to transform mundane abodes into fantastical havens, opening up portals into new worlds and faraway lands!

For generations, my family has passed along the secret of imbuing magical essences into candles. This magic manifests as charming fragrances, each with their own special powers to combat the shadows of dark magic. Now I am growing older, and I need to find apprentices to pass this ancient, arcane knowledge down to. This is why I am contacting you.

The struggle is ongoing but I know that you, my dear friend, are a brave and determined soul. While the candle guild requires loyalty and courage to join, it also does not lack benefits.

Those who join the guild are honored members of a secret society, older than the kingdoms of the earth and therefore they are granted access to secret candle magic, not accessible to those uninitiated into our secret ways.

These benefits include (but are limited to):

🔥 Magical candle transportation, allowing for special shipping rates.

🔥 Secret, guild only candles that only YOU can attain.

🔥 Secret subscription discounts to put coins back in your pocket.

🔥 Access to the Candle Vault. Retired, backlist candles will return from the past!

🔥 Meetings of like-minded candle guild members, in a private society Facebook group.

🔥 Recruitment bonuses: If you bring others into the guild, there will be rewards!

🔥 Special guild only gatherings and online events!

Do you think you are ready to join in the fight against the impending darkness? The fate of the Candle Guild rests on you. Will you accept this quest and aid us in the battle against the looming shadow?

Warmly yours,
Guildmaster Flint Firestone

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Join the Candle Guild to Get Access to These Secret Society Benefits!

The Guild Membership is $9/month to access discounted subscriptions, rewards and perks.

15% Off Candle Subscriptions

(excludes current seasonal)

Guild Secret Society

Access to our Guild-Only Facebok Group.

Special Shipping Rates

Flat-rate shipping for Guild members, including international rates!

The candle vault

Access past seasonal & limited edition candles

Guild-Only Candles

As a Guild-member you'll get secret candles only for you.

Guild-Only Events

Quarterly only events with other Guild-members

As a Guild Initiate, get access to a discounted monthly subscription & Guild perks!

How it Works

To become a Candle Guild initiate and get access to discounted subscriptions, back-catalog access, Guild-Only candles, flat-rate shipping, and all the other perks, your investment is only $9 each month! This gives you ACCESS to our secret candle society.

As long as you maintain your Guild membership, you'll have access to all of the Guild perks!

Once you're a Guild initiate, you'll choose your subscription products and date you want them shipped out each month.

You are also free to add one-off products and add to your order. That way you buy candles to your heart's content throughout the month!


“The Guild” is an exclusive membership by which you will fulfill all your deepest fantasy candle desires.

Note that we expect our secret candle society to morph and evolve as members give us feedback and input!

While your membership is active, you will receive access to these exclusive perks:

🔥 The Candle Vault: retired and past candles will make a return for only you!

🔥 The Guild Society: our exclusive Facebook Group for Guild members.

🔥 Guild-only Candles: we've saved the best drops for Guild members.

🔥 Discounted Subscriptions: When you subscribe to candles each month, you'll get a rare 10% off everything!

🔥 Early Access: Always get first dibs to new products ahead of the public.

🔥 Special Shipping Rates: Flat rates and discounts as we're able to offer them.

🔥 Exclusive Content: be prepared to be surprised and delighted!

The Guild is the VIP experience we've always wanted to give you, a chance to change candle buying into a magical community with an ongoing adventure where you play a part as a hero... and receive delightful benefits. The Guild will honor your customer loyalty by allowing us to shower you with the rewards you so greatly deserve.

Yes! Each month you'll renew your membership (and sworn secrecy!), and as long as you maintain your membership, you'll remain an active Guild member with access to all the perks. You can cancel anytime, but you'll also lose access to all the perks, including discounted subscriptions and special shipping rates.

Yes! You can change or add to your subscription anytime before the cut-off window. By becoming a Guild member you have access to a Guild-only 10% discount on all back-catalog candles! You can also add one-time orders to your monthly order. 

It will be separate. However, the perks will pay for themselves, possibly within your first order!

Yes. We now have special rates for international customers in which all customs fees are already covered! On average it will save you 30-50%!

Guildmaster Flint Firestone is our fearless leader, a mentor to aspiring candle magicians everywhere, and a stunningly good Backgammon player. He is the founder of the Guild, and while he prefers to maintain a low profile--communicating with his followers and students via letter or this new, magical communication know as "email"--he may make an occasional appearance.

Yes. While we hate to see anyone leave the guild, we understand that circumstances can change. You can cancel your Guild membership at any time, and you also have full control of any candle subscriptions - change the items, skip a month, or cancel. We recommend that members keep their Guild membership active, even if they don't purchase anything that month so they don't lose access to all the exclusive drops and access!

Whatever your path may be, the Guild will be waiting for your return!

Join TODAY to be Grandfathered in at this special Guild-Initiate Price!