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High on the sacred mountain, the Olympians celebrate.

The music of lyre and pipe floats about them as goblets of sweet nectar and invigorating ambrosia are passed around the company.

Great tales are told, of epic deeds, of the making of the world and the toppling of the Titans. Cheers and laughter shake the pillars around them, and the mountain quivers.

From the lands below the mountain, the sweet fragrance of mortals' offerings rises to season their feast.

The gods are merry. The year will be prosperous.

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First Impressions


Artemis is feminine but woodsy, lightly floral and really appealing.


I love the smoky patchouli of Hades. It's probably my favorite of the set, rich and deep, a little spicy. If you like Dragonborn, you'll like this one.


Aphrodite has soft dark cocoa intertwined with swirls of exotic pomegranates, and a flirtatious hint of chai spices. It’s very alluring, which is fitting for this goddess


Zeus smells like a thunderstorm, a little bit of damp earth, some rain, and ozone. Kind Stroll in the Storm with a swirl of Cave Troll (though not as earthy).


Athena is a really good candle,it’s got a very nice light lemon-y scent without smelling like cleaning product.


I really like Poseidon, it smells like a different version of Selkie, which is one of my favorite candles. It definitely fits for Poseidon.