A Message From the Guildmaster

I have summoned you here because I, Flint Firestone, am seeking courageous individuals to aid in my mission of spreading the light of candle magic around the world. In recent years, a shadow has been growing, a darkness that threatens to consume all that is good and lovely in the world.

Only the hallowed light of magical candles can hold back this ancient evil. To do this candles must be spread across the globe! Our universe is forever at war, a battle between light and dark, glow and gloom.

As the Guildmaster of the Candle Guild it is my duty to continue this good fight, spreading the warmth and wonder of candles throughout the world to chase away the dark.

These specially designed candles have the power to transform mundane abodes into fantastical havens, opening up portals into new worlds and faraway lands!For generations, my family has passed along the secret of imbuing magical essences into candles.

This magic manifests as charming fragrances, each with their own special powers to combat the shadows of dark magic. Now I am growing older, and I need to find apprentices to pass this ancient, arcane knowledge down to.

This is why I am contacting you.

The struggle is ongoing but I know that you, my dear friend, are a brave and determined soul. While the candle guild requires loyalty and courage to join, it also does not lack benefits.

Those who join the guild are honored members of a secret society, older than the kingdoms of the earth and therefore they are granted access to secret candle magic, not accessible to those uninitiated into our secret ways. These benefits include (but are limited to):

🔥 Magical candle transportation, allowing for special shipping rates.
🔥 Guild-only candles that only YOU can attain.
🔥 Subscription discounts to put coins back in your pocket.
🔥 Access to the Candle Vault. Retired, backlist candles will return from the past!
🔥 Meetings of like-minded candle guild members, in a private society Facebook group.
🔥 Recruitment bonuses: If you bring others into the guild, there will be rewards!
🔥 Special guild only gatherings and online events!


Do you think you are ready to join in the fight against the impending darkness? The fate of the Candle Guild rests on you. Will you accept this quest and aid us in the battle against the looming shadow?

Warmly yours,

Guildmaster Flint Firestone

Join the Secret Candle Society